William – I took Advantage

“Please find her picture and video here”

They didn’t mind to sleep next to me in our bed and they also didn’t mind that I took advantage of that situation and fucked them. Sometimes I paid them for the sex but often I didn’t. That depended on the deal. As I am a monger as well and it depended what the deal was.

I normally paid them high prices for making the first porn movie. Most of them hesitated to be filmed, so the first time the reward had to be high. They could earn small bucks if they were filmed wearing a mask and they could make big bucks when I could film their faces.

They all agreed to get fucked and filmed with a mask and most them sooner or later took the higher offer as well. They saw the movies were their girl friends were fucked and understood that those movies would stay with me and that their husband and their families would not see them.

They got also motivated by the girlfriends who showed already their face in a movie. However most of them were motivated by the fact that they could make more money. They would get paid better and would get more bookings as our client would recognise them on the porn movies they watched and would desire them more.

Additionally many of our guests wanted to be filmed by fucking a variety of different women and therefore they wanted to see their faces. Many mongers loved to visit us from time to time and watch their porn movies where they fucked 15 or 20 different women. So besides some rare exertions all of our working women ended up in private porn movies and those wives who only came occasionally were no exception.

After we banged them for a week or 2 and filmed them sexually serving us, they retuned with a lot of money to their families and became wives and mums again. It was a perfect sex trade, a win win situation between whores and mongers. Even some of them feared that one day one of there friends would recognise them in a movie at our bar. But this never happened.

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