Accepting other men’s sexual desires and profit from them (1/2)

“Big Tit Mine’s Jacuzzi Party”

This world is crowded with horny men and you might be one of them. Isn’t it frustrating to be one of billions of men who are fighting for pussies every day. Even if you are married and would have theoretical your own pussy it is practical a hazard.

Studies show that on average after two yeas fucking the same partner over and over again the excitement of sex is decreasing with this partner. So now you lose twice, because the women that should take care your sexual needs can’t do this anymore. Not because she is bad, but because it is simply getting boring with her. Now think how it will be in 5 or even 10 years with her?

As I said before things get twice as bad as she is feeling the same about you. So now you not only get frustrated as your dick is getting increasingly interested in other pussies, but your wife is as well getting increasingly interested in other dicks too. You are fucked as nature pretty much works against you, because it is much easier for women to find fuck partners as it is for you. You are back were you where before you married – one of several billion of men looking for a women to fuck.

All this doesn’t have to be. You can have a stress free sexually fulfilled life if you accept certain realities. I am talking about realities of our sexual nature which are hard to fight against. To make those natural forces work for you, you have to surrender to them and accept them. This means if you have a decent attractive wife you have to accept the following.

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of men out there who would like to fuck her. They don’t love her or want to be in a relationship with her, but they would like to fuck her. Now you might think they are perverts or that I am the pervert. But you are wrong. Maybe even you are the perverted as you are naive if you believe something else. Those men who would like to fuck your wife are not perverted – they are normal men as nature created them. Biologically it is the main purpose of each man to carry on his genes. Therefore he has to fuck as many women possible and this includes wives. Yes, of course this also includes your wife as well.

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