William – Other Men’s (Cuckolds) Women

“Please find her picture and video here”

As Katy also needed some advertising, I ended up putting another picture next to our TV were Gail’s picture already hang. I explicitly wanted to point out that she was a wife, so I asked her to give me a picture with her and her husband. I also asked her to wear something really sexy that makes her look like a bitch.

Steve didn’t mind and I actually think he liked that picture she made. She stood in high heels, stockings, mini skirt and belly free top in front of their very small house, posing her sexy body while Steve looked like an boring guy next to her. I edited this picture and wrote on it: Hot Wife Katy needs money”. It worked and the demand for Katy grew.

I didn’t mentioned Steve’s name as non of our visitor’s knew him anyway. However men were talking about Katy and that she as a married women was selling sex. They liked to know this part of her background and together with her need for money they could develop phantasy to have sex with her. I was often asked if her husbands knows about her business, if he doesn’t care and those questions led to discussions and those discussions led to bookings.

Michael another cuckold first hesitated that his wife was advertised on the wall next to the TV. However as Da his wife complained about loosing business without that advertisement he accepted to just hang a picture of her next to the TV. He feared that someone he knew would recognise his wife and would knew that his wife was fucking for money. We would have respected that even she got less bookings that way. Michael was attracted by thoughts that his wife works as bar girl again, but he somehow didn’t wanted to be connected with it. However Da convinced her husband that the chances are small.

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