William – Fat Man’s Girl

“Please find her picture and video here”

Understanding this phenomenon also helped me to understand why our visitors liked to call Vanta – Fat Man’s Girl. I often heard them talking to each other about fucking Fat Man’s Girl, Fat man’s girlfriend is sucking incredibly great, did you fuck Fat Man Girl already and so on. They preferred to call her Fat Man’s Girl or Fat Man’s girls friend instead just calling her Vanta.

Hereby language is very telltale as it shows for their imagination Vanta hardly existed. They liked to experience Vanta through me – Fat Man and so I had to be part of her name as well. I was the cuckold and Vanta the bitch and this was loved by our clients. On the other side it also helped us developing our bar after we understood that.

The first girl that was working at our bar besides Vanta was Katy. She was like a girl friend for me too. Vanta even didn’t saw a competition with her so much as with other women as Katy was married. Steve, her husband was a cuckold as well. Cuckolds are men that like the idea that their wife is having sex with other men. They like the idea that she has sexual pleasure or in most of our cases likes to sell sex to other men.

Katy and Steve were both Thais with Chinese routs. I actually got to know Katy by an threesome with Steve were he even cashed in the money I paid for Katy. I liked her and fucked her several times and once we needed a second woman at our bar, I had to think about her immediately. First she was just Katy, but after the success with Fat Man’s Girl we called her Steve’s wife.

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