William – The Convenient Shop Girl

“Please find her picture and video here”

The picture showed Gail in the convenient shop close by to my apartment. She was working at the cashier. I edited the picture before I printed it and wrote in large letters “Convenient Shop Girl For Sell” on it. Our visitors loved that and kept asking about Gail.

They loved to go to the convenient shop and check her out and then contact Vanta to arrange a meeting. Gail fitted perfectly into the monger fantasy to trade sex with all women. Maybe mongers hate being rejected by women and that they don’t want to ask a woman for a meeting in public.

However mongers loved it, if we could show them a way to meet with ordinary women like Gail. She ended up working as a successful prostitute earning much more money with sex than at the convenient shop. She still had the job as employee as it brought her many more bookings when guys could actually see her working there.

Also it was perfect as the shop was close by and she was working there 5-6 days a week. So she was most of the time close by our bar. We were often joking that the convenient shop was not charging a bar fine for her. But to make the point I am certain that guys would be much less attracted by her when they would only have met her sitting at out bar. They were getting hard by the idea to fuck the convent shop girl and Gail became a must fuck lady at our bar.

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