Mongers – Masturbation

“Please find her picture and video here”

All the women had to be over 18 years and I never had an issue with that as our visitors well respected this rule. However the large number of private porn material established the fulfilment of another fantasy – masturbation.

Some mongers were fascinated by the porn material I collected and they wanted to masturbate while watching it. Well this is what basically all men do, however to consume hours of porn movies you have to last very long. Normal guys may only masturbate for 10 minutes. However as I masturbate by myself for hours. Especially while I edit the videos I end up masturbating for 4 hours until I need a break.

So I could help other guys to learn the same techniques. Marathon Masturbation as I call it, is the long term self satisfaction and is a very fulfilling and exciting hobby. In contrast to physical sex like sucking and fucking, which is over after a view minutes, marathon masturbation is going on for hours and helps mongers to develop their phantasies. There is no porn material on this world that helps mongers better, to develop their phantasies and gain self pleasure, then our privately made material.

However there is one large disadvantage as well. As you couldn’t buy and bring the material to your room, you had to watch it at our bar, which was a bit costly. However the material, my training and hours of ultimate pleasure was worth a financial contribution to many mongers.

It was also a problem as they could masturbate at home as they could purchase publicly available porn material, which is great as well. However whenever I could have an open word with our our guests it turned out that masturbation was important to them. I guess like it is to all men, still it is a bit different for mongers. Those who are living in Pattaya, the experts, need it to mentally digest their adventures they had and to develop new fantasies.

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