Are you in Love with a Bar Girl?

“Jenny is a 18 years old Thai teenage. You can fuck a woman like her when you visit Thailand.”

Many men traveling to South East Asia are having sex with local women. Some plan their sex travel and others can’t resist the charm of a beautiful prostitute. Sooner or later they end up fucking hookers until one day they  woman they fall in love with. Now they panic as they lost their heart to a hooker, which is for most of them a horrifying truth.

If you serve through the net you almost find only horror stories about guys getting exploded by cold hearted bitches who take their last dime. While I encourage you to be careful and to get in touch with an expert on this matter who guides you through the difficulties of your relationship, falling in love with a hooker is the a very normal thing. If you do it right it can lead to a fulfilled life of happiness and fun.

 Of course there are many guys ripped of by prostitutes every day. But think about it, haven’t you heart such stories about so called good women either. Those women who were only very selected with their sex partners before their marriage and cuddly keep on cheating their husbands or divorce him to ruin him financially. Love can go wrong anywhere.

So stay calm and relax. It is not the end of the world. Prostitution is mainly about two things: Sex and money. The woman you love sells sex for money. That’s principally it. In the 21st century this can be almost regarded as normal in some societies. If you are of course coming from a very conservative society it might be a bit more complicated, but don’t worry it can be done as well.

The key questions you need to ask yourself are how you and your wife want to go on with sex and money. Many guys get there moral hazards and want to forbid their girlfriend immediately to sell sex. This hardly works as while the guy may have moral hazards, his partner is open foe business. She cannot stop her profession just like that. You have to find your way how to handle it and this preferred with experienced help. So if you have questions or difficulties, please contact me.

Contact me at fatmaninasia (at)

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