Mongers – The Fantasy to trade sex with everyone

“Please find her picture and video here”

Besides the friendship thing that gets monger high, another fantasy is to trade sex with everyone, without the borders of a relationship or even marriage. They come see my girlfriend and if they like her, they can buy her. Or at least her sexual services. Her blow jobs are even relatively cheap, while fucking is much more expensive, they can do it if they feel so. This gives mongers absolute freedom to use their money to satisfy their needs.

Of course every bar has its own unique selling points, but those were the one from our bar. Mongers loved our place and there are hundreds of mongers living in Pattaya. The third layer of fantasy for monger that we could address were privately made porn movies. While watching porn is something every monger does naturally, at our bar he could make his own porn movies.

Either I filmed them having sex with Vanta or any other women that worked at our bar, or they could film themselves. They were not allowed to take the movies with them, however they could watch them at our bar. Mongers loved to know that their movies were shown at our bar and they liked to visit us and watch themselves fucking. Many brought their friends or some tourists wanted to show off what kind of great fucker they are. My girlfriend was usually the first woman they made a porn movie with at our bar.

So I ended up with a large collection of porn movies showing my girlfriend being fucked by another guy. Mongers loved it and in the same way people left their signature on the Berlin Wall to proof they were there, mongers who visited our bar loved to make pictures and movies of my girlfriend wile she sucked them off or while they fucked her.

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