I Fuck your Wife and Tell you How She Was

“Brought to you by: Thai Girls Wild”

Hi Cuckolds,

I have developed a great service for you. Please mail me the pictures of your attractive wife so I can masturbate on them. You can send me the naughty pictures as which will be kept confidential with me. Then during your next vacation you bring your wife to me to either Pattaya or Hong Kong. I will use your wife for my sexual desires. I won’t let you watch the first time I fuck her, but I will tell you how I liked it.

You can wait in your hotel room until I am done with her. If you like some nice images how my cock is in your wife then equip her with a camera when you drop her at my room. I will make some nice shots of her how she is pleasing me so you can watch them later and jerk off on them.

Maybe the next time I fuck her you can watch. You can watch how I fuck her and record it myself so your wife will be part of my private porn collection. She can wear a mask if you like. However from that day my guests can watch your wife’s porn movie in my apartment. You can do this too and jerk off on your wife’s porn movie and many more.

The best part is that your wife can earn some pocket money from me. I will pay her a bit so that she can fully submits to me. Furthermore I will inform my monger friends who might also want to pay your wife for sex. So you will have plenty of possibilities to watch your wife getting fucked. If she is a good whore she might be able to buy herself a piece of gold at a local jewellery at the end of your vacation. A chain or a ring, something that will always remind you of the fun you had in Thailand and how hard your wife worked there.

Contact me!


Fat Man

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