Mongers – It’s a Win Lose Situation

“Please find her picture and video here”

Every men is different and every man starts differently, but generally I feel that they love the fact that they know how my girlfriend sucks or fucks. That they love that there is no secrete between them and me. They love that I share my girlfriend with them, which is something very personal. This makes both of us serve them.

Vanta is serving them sexually and I serve them as a friend who really shares everything with them and whom they openly can share their desires. This helps me to get close with them. So close that I make porn movies with them and my girlfriend or other girls that started to work at my bar. I guess out of the hundreds of women they fucked in their life, they will always remember Vanta as she was Fat Man’s girl. Those were the fantasies that developed our bar’s clientele, and like this each bar has its visitors that keep it a live.

One phantasy mongers have by visiting our bar, is that I am such a great friend, who even let them fuck his pussy. Or to be more presided who doesn’t mind that his girlfriend sells sex to his visitors. The guy thinks it is cool that I don’t mind, even they don’t have to share their girlfriend or wife. It is kind of win lose situation, where they get in the win situation and I get the loose.

I don’t mind and it gets my visitors and friends really hard. They prefer to visit me instead of their other friends, because if their friend is single they can’t buy sex and if their friend is married or has a hot girl friend they can’t buy sex either. No other friend’s wife or girlfriend will sell sex to them. At least not with full knowledge and approval of their friend.

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