Smoking Anal Sex Movie

“Please find her picture and video here”

Another video that was recorded with my wife and and one of her client who bar fined her, started right away with a blow job scene. Both were already naked and I assumed that they already showered before they started.

He was simply laying on the bed and Vanta bended over him to blow him. The camera showed his body but his head was not recorded. Everything was quiet, just her head moved up and down to suck his dick. After a while she put on a condom and climbed over him to ride him. Hereby you could here both moan a bit. Not very loud but joyful. Also the rhythmic sound of her body pushing down on his body could be heard, which was beautiful to listen to.

They whispered to each other, my wife laughed and then her hand went to his penis. She helped him leaving her vagina and then helped him focusing on her other hole. Once she felt that the guy’s dick is pointing at her asshole, she let her body slowly fall on him. Once his dick was in her ass , her hand moved forward again and she continued riding him.

The movie must have been done after my wife had regular anal sex, as his penis glided inside her very easily. She rode him with her asshole for a while until he whispered again something to her. They stopped fucking and the camera was switched off. In the next scene Vanta was sitting on a small arm chair, fully naked and smoking a cigarette. Next to her was a small table with an ashtray and a bottle of beer. A male body with an erected penis occurred and my wife moved her lower body forward to that man so he would have it easier to enter inside her.

The man slowly pushed his penis inside her vagina and the fucking continued. Vanta kept smoking but had to close her eyes from time to time. Then the guy took his penis and guided him out of her vagina and into her asshole. The fucking continued and again my wife smoked and closed her eyes. Both were moaning to show their excitement – not in an artificial way but as if they would experience something that had deeply touched them.

It was a long scene and for the viewer actually not so much changed, however the couple seemed to be in a deep trance and didn’t thought about changing their position to give the viewer a new perspective. They were happily fucking and when he had to come he pulled out his penis, removed the condom and shot his cum on Vanta while she was still smoking the last piece of her cigarette. The cum went all over her body – her, face, breasts and belly. My wife kept smoking for a while and then the camera stopped recording. Even this was a quiet movie it had a lot of charm and it was loved by our viewers.

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