Romanitic Sight Seeing Movie

“Please find her picture and video here”

Another Client who came to Pattaya just for a few days fell in love with my wife. He bar fined her all the time and only her. He had a stop over in Bangkok and went from there to Pattaya. He came to our bar to get his free drink and was very impressed about Vanta. He couldn’t take his eyes from her. She sat next to him and together they watched the porn movies of my porn collection.

They didn’t talk a lot, however this was not necessary as well. My wife easily seduced him and ended up kneeing in front him and sucking him off while he could watch her and the porn movie.

My wife sensed that he liked her and wanted more and kept calling him later that day and suggested to go out together. He agreed and they went for a romanic dinner. Later they had sex at his room.

My wife made a few pics at the dinner however no recordings were done after they showered. The next morning my wife knocked at his door and filmed how he opened the door tiredly. She asked if she could come in and he agreed with a very sleepy look.

While Vanta was holding the camera in one hand, her other hand went immediately to his shorts. She asked him if he missed her and he was trying to cover the camera not to be recorded. The recording stopped and in the next scene they had breakfast together.

Later they made a sight seeing tour as the guy bar fined her for the complete day. In this circumstances I ask another woman to take Vanta’s place at our bar. Normally Katy or one of the others happily take over her jobs. Anyway they made some nice couple pictures during their sight seeing tour and after dinner retired to their hotel. This time they recorded after they showered. He simply couldn’t resist anymore and maybe he started to trust us a bit. However he was still wearing a mask that they bought during their sight seeing tour.

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