Hardcore Sight Seeing Movie

“Please find her picture and video here”

The mask didn’t show an particular character. It was just a mask with meaningless face. They started their sex sitting on the bed. Vanta was naked and sat on his naked sapling. They must have showered before. He touched her body and she jerked his dick.

Then they felt on the bed and she sucked him. It was interesting to see them now. What they did and how they did it as they didn’t reveal their sex before. They were already experienced with each other.

My wife sucked him on the bed while he stood next to the bed. Then she rode him on the bed. The sex was quiet but intensive. She didn’t moan a lot, however her mouth was constantly open. They quickly changed position and Vanta quickly knew what he wanted. First she rode him in reverse position and then looking at him. The longer they had sex the louder she moaned, while he always kept quiet.

Again they changed quickly. This time to doggy style. He fucked her from behind and pulled her hair which made her scream loudly but joyfully. He ordered another change and they ended their fucking.  My wife sucked him, while he kept standing. She sucked him, he fucked her moth and finally shot his load on her face and hair.

The next morning my wife filmed again how she knocked at his door. He opened again, but this time he was already wearing the white mask. He pulled her inside the room, took the camera from her and asked her to knee in front of him. He filmed her sucking him this way. Then she sucked him on the bed and then she fucked him riding. This time they ended in missionary position after he fucked her really intensive. This was definitely a very challenging sex partner for her, however she didn’t bother to spend all her energy on him as he bar fined her all the time and was loyal to her.

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