Marring a Bar Girl – Opening own Bar (2/2)

“Dao (18 years) is fucked by Japanese tourist”

Pear’s job was openly known in the little Taiwanese town and at least most of the men adults knew what kind of services she offered. Dan’s colleagues knew it and most of them had sex with Pearl. They were simply interested how it feels to fuck Dan’s wife. Many of them tried it once out of curiosity and a few kept on visiting her bar.

Pearl’s bar was very small and only could handle a hand full of visitors. Normally only men visited to drink and get entertained. Pear herself stopped drinking alcohol as it was bad for her look. She did everything to maintain her beauty. Nevertheless her clients tipped her and then she would massage them, she would get touched by them and when the client wanted more they went to the small office. The other guests of the bar would wait until Pearl’s client was done with her to be able to order another drink. The bar was anyway so small that they could hear them fucking.

Sometimes Pear would close her bar for a private party. Guest could book such parties if they guaranteed a certain turn over. This was popular for birthday parties or if someone got a promotion. Then Pear would serve her guests in underwear or fully naked. When the bar was closed for a private party they could also have sex in the bar and didn’t had to use the small office.

I heard fascinating stories about those parties, however sadly I met Pearl and Dan only years later. They visited Pattaya and both were very active there. Pear helped Vanta and work at our blow job bar and Dan was fucking every female he could get his hands on, including my wife Vanta.

When I met them they already had closed the bar as Dan was offered a better job in another city. Pearl didn’t open a bar there again. She still visited bars of five star hotels to meet clients who would bring her to their rooms, but she started already to withdraw from her profession. Many women reduce prostituting themselves once they get over 30 and especially over 35. Getting older is the main factor why it is less attractive for them to work  as prostitute, as there are then younger hookers who  get more attention by mongers.

So once Pearl was over 35 she stared already to focus more on her family. She still did sex jobs however they became more and more occasionally. While Dan was still busy with hookers and probably he will be as long he gets an erection.

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