Our female guests – Two husbands watched their wives having sex with another man

“Please find her picture and video here”

My wife wanted to sell sex to him and I wanted to watch them having sex. Vanta’s hand went to massage his trousers where both legs meet and his hands went down her skirt as well. He couldn’t reach her underwear so Vanta quickly stood up and pulled up her skirt so her panty appeared. Then she sat down on his sapling again to let him playing with her.

I loved to watch them. Watching them let me had sex too. My mind was full of it and I was rock hard too. In the meanwhile our conversation was very open and he told me a lot about his sex life. Again Vanta pointed at he blow job advertising and this time he couldn’t resist any longer. He followed her advice and paid her and then she opened his trousers to blew him. We continued talking but this time it was more that I talked and that he listened.

I explained him about this bar and that there would be many more women here. I gave him examples what we do. By then we had sexy activities often with our guests. Non of them were exactly the same and you somehow never new what would happen. Nevertheless we had several clients a day so this was not the reason why I remembered this guest.

The thing that made remember me this guest so exactly was that it made me fully understand how Michael felt, who was watching his wife having sex with another man. Sitting there and watching Vanta blowing our guests made me realise that I had real exciting sex by just watching the show. It was wonderful the entire meeting with the stranger. From the moment he sat down on that couch until now I had such a great time watching them. It deeply enlightened me and made me feel great.  As if I would have sex by myself.

In one way this sex was even better than fucking yourself. I could watch unlimited other people having sex, however I could not have sex unlimited. Of course somehow I knew this already as that was the reason I watched so much porn, but what made me remember this moment was the simple fact of how much sex was out there naturally.

Actually we did everything to destroy sex, by wearing boring cloth or by living monogamy. However naturally there was enough sex on this planet all the time. I guessed Michael just made the same experience his way right now. I helped him to experience more sex by operating this bar and even by fucking his wife. There is enough sex to have it all the time, but we need to develop it and allow to receive it. We must be open to receive it and develop our self further to be able to receive that much sex. I was sure Michael will receive much more sex in the future.

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