Sex Show – White Spots on Vanta’s dress

“Please find her picture and video here”

The other two guests who saw the spectacle went insane. This really turned them on. I told my wife not to change the dress as I knew they would like to shoot at her as well. They made a small mess with my hot wife that day. She just kept sitting on that chair and waited until one after the other was done. The second shot his cum in her face and the third on her dress again.

The last man happily told me that this was a great show for that price. Vanta just washed her face and changed her dress. She felt electrolysed by the semen of the 3 men. Indeed she was full of sexual energy for the rest of that day.

What  happened by coincidence that day, developed on. Through word of mouth or through the pictures I made, from that day I could here our guest say “sit down bitch, I want to shoot you”. As there were many many men in our bar and only one women, my wife was shot very often.

She kept wearing the same dress for hours and so often when she opened the door, a new client could see already the cum spots on her dress. My friends liked that and Vanta liked it as well. With all the cum spots on her dress she looked like the most filthiest bitch in Pattaya. Even that was really dirty staff, my friends loved it.

They joked about it and said that her outfit would be much better with their spots on. Or that her outfit was perfected with their spots on. In a way they were right. Seeing her running around and serving beer in a dress soaked in cum, brought up the deepest instincts of our men. They knew they could count on Vanta to satisfy them.

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