Sex Shows – Our guests were creative

“Please find her picture and video here”

This phrase was popular as many men liked panties. Some smelled them during they jerked off and some when they drunk their beer. When we had a group of men at our apartment it could also be that one man just wanted to show off. Whenever you had a group of men together with only one woman, they often tried to compete to show who knew my wife better. Having her panties was somehow cool in this situation.

Very often the phrase” suck me off bitch, I need to go home” or something similar was used. In this situation they wanted Vanta to blow them until they come. Even many men masturbated, they still preferred to get a hand job or blow job at the end. Such services my wife gave cheaply to our guests. As we became increasing visitors the small tips summed up to a nice daily income for her. Vanta knew that and so she let the creativity of our guests freely develop.

After watching porn movies, watching Vanta in a sexy dress and maybe watching her jerking or sucking off another guy. It was normal that a man wanted to find release before he left the apartment. So one guy once asked Vanta to cum on her dress. My wife was wearing a blue dress that was so short that you could easily spot her underwear.

My wife agreed with the tip and sat down on one of the armchairs. The guys stood in front of her, jerked off and then shot all his semen on her. I took the camera to make some pictures of my wife. I knew that the guy who shot his cum on her was camera shy, however I could make some nice pictures of Vanta with the thick white drops of cum on her dress. Most of it went on the dress covering her breasts and some on the belly part.

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