Sex Shows – We liked it dirty

“Please find her picture and video here”

Vanta trained our guests to be open and tolerate of other men’s desire. She was good in it and once a guest felt disgust by another men’s behaviour she quickly found the right words to calm him down. She simply said things like” Let him have fun. So you can also do what you want.” or ” You are all my friends and I want to make you all happy”.

Somehow the men understood and most of them tolerates it. Only if a complete newcomer arrived at our apartment, she asked the other guests to behave. She learned that some men simply got shocked when they entered our apartment and saw men masturbating while my wife bend over to show them her pussy.

But at the end we didn’t care. We had enough friends who liked to return exactly because it was so dirty. This started already with the language. At the beginning when a guest first met my wife, he was normally behaving well. After the first blow job this started to change. The guy became more direct and less polite. After they had sex his primer goal was just to satisfy his sexual needs when he visited us. Some did this nicely and some did that rougher. But generally the language got rougher.

When a new guest called my wife, Vanta, honey, or sweetheart returning guest also called her bitch or pussy. Vanta didn’t mind and I didn’t either. I know men and I know my friends. I know that they like to talk dirty to fulfil their sexual desire. Men are frustrated always to be nice. They want to be dirty and just think about their sexual dreams. Therefore they need a woman who is 100% committed to them.

By letting her call bitch, pussy or hole, my wife signalled them that she is 100% committed. Whatever he wants unless he pays the price for it. In this way he can develop his sexual desires and phantasies without any hesitation. Popular phrases were e.g. said to my wife “Hey bitch, give me your panties. I want to small your pussy”. My wife would then receive a tip from the men and in return she would pull up her skirt so everyone could see her panties, which she would then pull down and handover to the man.

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