Marring a Bar Girl – Opening own Bar (1/2)

“It’s such a pleasure to see Nung sucking and fucking. You can’t imagine that.”

Dan and Pear met each other at a bar. It was the bar where Pear was working as a bar girl and where she entertained guests. Dan barfined Pear at his first visit to the bar as he was fascinated by her great look and sexy appearance. Dan used to have sex with prostitutes. Normally he varied and always picked new women for sex. We call this kind of monger butterfly, as he is flying from flower to flower.

However somehow Dan got attached to Pear and barfined her again and again. So they kept on dating until she became his girlfriend and later his wife. They had two kids and soon Pearl got bored and wanted to return to her old job. They discussed if it might be better for her to work in an office style job, but Pearl thought that this might not be her world. She liked to work as bargirl and especially that she got very well paid.

Finally they decided that Pear should open her own small bar. In the small Taiwanese town where they where living, it was cheap to rent a small place for a bar and so Pearl worked in her own bar from evening to midnight. The bar also contained a small office, where Pearl placed only a bed inside. She could do the paper jobs at home, but needed the bed to pleasure her clients sexually.

Dan knew about her arrangement and didn’t mind it. He just wanted to take care his job and his children. He loved his wife and also liked the sex with her, however he didn’t mind that she was sexually active with other men. He liked her sexy and bitchy style in which she handled sex in general. She never used excuses like headache to avoid sex. For her sex was like cleaning her teeth. Whenever he needed it, she was available. Wherever and whenever he desired it. Pearl also took great care about her look and Dan loved the beauty of his wife.

Of course as every relationship they had ups and down, nevertheless their marriage went on successfully. Dan took care his kids in the evening and once his kids were sleeping he was often meeting other women as well. They hired a nanny who helped them. While Pear was working at her bar and served her clients.

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