Sex Shows – Returning Clients

“Please find her picture and video here”

William’s and Vanta’s network grew fast and they managed to get more and more expats and tourists to our bar. It was easy to attract men who were friends of mine, or expats  and tourists who wanted to have a look at our bar. The problem was with tourists and expats to attract them to come back again.

Most men just got blown by my wife or fucked her. Once they nailed her they lost interest in her. There is too much distraction in Pattaya and so men just come and go. For Vanta those one-timer were still great business and she wouldn’t like to miss them, but still we preferred those men who frequently returned to our bar.

Those men became our friends and we tried to satisfy all their needs. For those men who didn’t want to spend a lot of money we let them just watch porn movies. Some stayed at our bar for hours and just drunk beer. So we sold more and more beer. While at the beginning, when we opened our bar beer was mainly free, we started to charge for those men who returned. So beer was free for the first visit and afterward it needed to be paid for.

As the beer was not expensive compared to other bars, we had permanently people at our apartment in the afternoon. Of course the number of people kept changing, but after 2pm from 0 to 8 people could be found at our apartment. Our guests liked to come sit down, have a beer and watch porn movies.

The mood in the bar always changed. If no newbie was present Vanta didn’t mind our guests to masturbate while they were watching porn. Some stayed there for hours watching porn, my wife and jerking off. Sometimes alone and sometimes there were groups. Sometimes 1 or 2 men masturbated while the other just watched movies.

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