Our female guests – Michael and our new guest

Michael could watch all kind of movies. I created a folder that I called “Da” and where I added the movie I made with her. I planned to add all of her future movies there as well and I expected many more to come. Michael had his own folder where the movie he made with Vanta was inside and he had tons of other movies to watch, that I created during the last weeks.

Vanta tried to bitch at him first, however I guess that he wanted to be fully alone this time. Later we had a guest at our bar who wanted to exchange his free beer voucher for a beer. I loved to see how a man came sat down on the couch, got his free beer, realised that a porn movie was running on TV, watched the porn movie while drinking his beer, realised that the woman serving him the beer was fucking in the porn movie and if he didn’t leave by then I knew he was lost.

In this case Vanta was sitting next to him while I had a small talk with him about Pattaya. He just arrived and had many questions. Only seeing my wife sitting next to him made me hard. I knew somehow what would happen, nevertheless I had no idea how it would happen. I had sex watching them and I motivated him to have fun in Pattaya by saying things like “in Pattaya everything is possible” or “this is a place to let your fantasies come true”.

I could have said something else, however I knew that something would happen as he watched my porn movies and his questions we’re pointing in the direction of sex. Even he was not yet particular asking for it. However, by then I knew that something would happen. I developed a sense that could measure the sexual energy level in a room and this room was shortly before exploding.

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