She massages my asshole

“Please find her picture and video here”

One of her hands is working at my asshole, and the other, on my penis. Her mouth is sucking the top of my wiener. I am moaning full of pleasure. The hot water and her blow job, make me almost lose my cautiousness. I feel so relaxed and powerless. Thank god that I didn’t come yet. It would be such a pity. But I didn’t feel to come – maybe due to her massage technique, or maybe because I really got a lot of sex the last days.

 I followed her to the bed, where she continued sucking and licking my balls. I didn’t even notice that she put a condom on my penis, but when she was riding me, I looked to her pussy, pushing up and down my penis, and there, I saw a condom. Her pussy was wide, not like Vanta’s. She looked perfect when she moved up and down my penis. She must be very experienced in what she is doing.  As if she would have had a professional training, or a lot of experience.

Then she lay down next to me on the bed. For me, that was a clear sign to fuck her missionary. But before I did that, I checked her pussy. She was wet, not smelly, but she seemed to be very clean. She was not looking extremely used, even that might have been the case. I pushed my dick inside her, and fucked her hard. She was moaning loud, but not too loud. She still seems to have herself under control. I didn’t want to come like this, and still had myself under control. Once I was ready, I took of the condom, and jerked my dick in front of her face. She didn’t even open her eyes and was still lying on the bed like I fucked her missionary.

After a few moments, I released my load on her face. Surprisingly, my balls had a lot of load, so I could cover her whole face. After I was done, she quickly moved to a mirror, where she carefully cleaned her face. It looked weird to me, as she didn’t just wash my cum off. She took a tissue, and made sure that she soaked every drop of my sperm into that tissue. As it would be a pressures material. Later, she asked me why I did this, referring to her facial treatment. But I just told her that I felt to do so, and she accepted it without any further questions. She invited me to come again and I may consider her offer.

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