She takes off her short

“Please find her picture and video here”

She brings me to a room that looks like a normal hotel room. Only that a big Jacuzzi is inside, which is placed next to the bed and a couch. May is going to the Jacuzzi, and makes some preparations. I guess she let the water flow in.

I am watching every move of her. She is wearing a black, sleeveless top, and bright blue jeans short. She looks much younger than 35 -maybe 30? Her face looks old, but her overall impression is still young. She takes off her top and a pink bra appears. Her body is great. I can even see her belly muscles. Without any break and without any hesitation, she takes off her short as well – as she probably did it many times before.

That is probably also the truth. The Mum of the bitch is a bitch too. How great is that? I never fucked the mother of a girl I knew before. Also, her underwear is pink. She helps me to stand up, and takes off my cloth. I feel like the Pasha of a huge empire, who is served by its servant. As soon as my trouser is pushed down, my penis is jumping in the air. I can’t resist touching her sexy body. She is just smiling, and also takes off her bra and underwear. I keep touching her everywhere, and follow her into the Jacuzzi. We clean each other. She cleans my whole body, and I mainly clean her breasts and pussy. The water is hot and the bubbles high.

The soap in the Jacuzzi creates an atmosphere like on a cloud. Her hands reach out for my penis, jerks him and then, she massages my asshole. It is nice. She even glides a finger inside, a little bit. Then she gives me the signs to lay back. Automatically, my hips and with them, my penis, are going upwards. As soon as my penis is looking out of the water, she puts him into her mouth, and sucks him. She is Fantastic.

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