“Please find her picture and video here”

Once at the room, I made photos of Kanya, how she was undressing herself. One picture I made while she took a shower. I liked her slim legs, and couldn’t wait to fuck her sweet butt. She was a good model, and I could also make some pictures where she was lying naked on the bed.

Then I let her sit on the edge of the bed and blew me. It was the same position her two coworker had before. I liked it that automated way. Fucking those street hookers was meant to be quick and dirty. I didn’t want to know them better. I just wanted to fuck them and I wanted to film as many of them as possible.

I knew I never could fuck them all, as there were far too many of them. I was outnumbered by a multiple. But at least, I wanted to have as many as possible, as I sexually could handle. I fucked her doggy style and discovered a blue spot at her ass. I thought about the spot while I fucked her. The blue area must have occurred due to too many men fucking her doggy style.

Kanya must have been very active today or the last days. Whenever I pushed my penis forward into her pussy, I also hit her butt at the same location where the blue spot developed. Yet, she didn’t seem to have any pain – just too much doggy style sex. I could fuck her longer this time, and also let her stand why I fucked her from behind. For the finishing, I let her sit on the bed again.

She should give me a hand job, while I filmed how I shot my stuff on her. Once I came, I was surprised how much white juice was still in my balls. It mainly went on her boobs and her legs. The orgasm was really painful this time, still, I enjoyed that kind of pain that gave me an intense feeling and a deep release afterward.

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