Masturbation – Phantasies and Reality

“I love to see what Aom wears under her skirt. Click here to see her pleasing a man!”

You may ask yourself if there are risks involved if you masturbate. Hereby I won’t go into detail talking about medical risks or moral risks. I personally don’t face both of them. Neither long term masturbation had any medical impact on myself and I also put away my moral hazards a long time ago. Still both questions are individual questions that in case of the medical fitness has to be answered by a doctor and in case of the moral hazards you have to answer this by yourself.

What I want to discuss here are the risks your phantasies create. Yes you heard correctly phantasies have risks. This is the downside of total freedom and the possibility to explore yourself. The greatest risk hereby is you, or to be more precise your knowledge about yourself. You will truly knew your sexual desires and preferences. Before I call you get to know who you really are and this may bring a couple of surprises for you. While traveling through the universe of your erotic phantasies you might find out that you are not the nice guy you pretend to be in the real world. Actually it is more likely that you will find out that in your fantasies you are the opposite of what you pretend to be in the real world.

Married Monogam Man.

A married man may find out that in his fantasies, he is not monogamy at all and that he loves to fuck hundreds of different women. There he might find out that he does not likes the nice girls, but the dirty sluts that do everything. This might not have any consequences for his marriage as long he only fucks these women in his dreams. But as soon he gets desperate in experience his phantasies in reality this changes. He might have developed a strong desire to go to a prostitute and do with her what he did in his phantasy world with her. However what might his his wife think about it when she might find it out.

So this married man may have to disciple himself and deny living his sexual desires. This can lead to desperation and a knowing unfulfilled sex life or in case he gets caught by his wife it might lead in divorce. Hereby the large majority of men is not really monogamy and only lives this lie to avoid hurting their partners (who might by themselves not be monogamy as well). Sooner or later they might realise how silly their marriage is or how silly the idea of a marriage in general is, considering that most men and women are not monogamy.

Beautiful Women

A man traveling through the his sexual phantasies may find out that he has a weakness for beautiful women. This is also a weakness he shares with a majority of men. In his phantasies he can only sleep with the most beautiful women and the porn industry provides him with thousands of the most beautiful women. However hardly any man can achieve this in real life. Most man have to fuck less attractive women in real life. This may sound hard but it is true as even if you married a great looking woman, she simply gets older and therefore less attractive. Many men can’t handle that and replace their old wife with a younger wife.

However this involves a damage to their family and their finances. The power of beauty goes deeper. The desire of perfectly looking women was enhanced also by the fashion and beauty magazines and now women are under pressure to look exactly like a top model that might even been photoshopped. Men could think that this is a great thing as more pressure for women ensures that women do everything to look beautiful. But as the reality shows, the opposite is true. Stress leads more likely to frustration and many women give up on them, which leads to less beautiful women.

There are any more of such examples that show the threat of our sexual phantasies and some people lobby that nobody should visit the universe of their erotic phantasies to avoid to find out the truth and life a ly in the real world. But is the really the solution, to life a fake life in the real world to avoid to life a real life in a phantasy world?

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