“Please find her picture and video here”

The next lady was skinny with black hairs, and feeling her bum on my trousers made him stand up. As my penis hardened, I also felt her vibes more intensive. My hands moved desperately around her body. I got fully sucked into this jungle of desperate desire – you want more and more to stimulate yourself, hoping that it would never stop.

My penis got harder and harder by every lady that stimulated him, and finally, I was desperately in need of a fuck again. I couldn’t simply leave, as my desire for more European women was great too. It took me a while until my desire to fuck was much greater than my desire for more European bodies.

But once that was achieved, I paid and left. I was not interested to fuck those Russian chicks, as I wanted to have it quick and dirty. So I went to the beach road for a third time that evening. Once there, I started to hunt again. The beach road was much quieter now than before. Only very little normal tourists could be seen.

Mainly hookers, and a few sex seeking men, were there. I would have picked up one of the girls I fucked before, but I couldn’t find them again. Probably, they were with another man right now. But I did find Kana, a quiet short woman, wearing a jeans short and a white top.

She was again, a more sister kind of girl, that liked to help where she could. I could make great use of her help, and brought her to the hourly hotel. The hotel was operated by a ladyboy bar and the ladyboy, who handed over the room key to us, reconciled me. While I talked to Kanya, his look was praising me for my sexual hunger.

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