Russian Girls

“Please find her picture and video here”

I was much more released now, but still didn’t felt to go home and sleep. I went for a walk that lead me after half an hour back to the walking street. I was actually looking for something to eat, when suddenly, a young blond woman approached me. I was speechless as I didn’t expect it.

Of course, I knew that Russian prostitutes were also working in Pattaya, but after seeing so many Thai women, I was deeply touched by this European girl. She had a strong Russian accent, and pulled me towards a bar. I simply was too weak to resist her and so, I ended up in a lounge like bar. I was sitting on a large couch like seat. With me, maybe 15 more foreigners were also in this room.

I sat down and ordered a beer. Most of the men were entertained by European women. I guess they were from Russia. The women were either sitting on their man or danced on him, or they were standing in front of him, and showed their bodies in sexual poses. Soon, I was approached by a European woman as well. She simply climbed on me, sat on my sampling, and moved her body erotically, while she looked into my eyes.

Her bum moves massaged my penis, who was still lying droopy inside my trousers. My beer came and so, I could enjoy it with one hand, while my other hand was touching this amazing body. I also saw that the men tipped the ladies by putting a bill into her panties. It was not much, just a few Baht. I followed them and soon after, I tipped her and she left again. I was not alone for long, as the next girl was coming soon. All the ladies, except the waitress, were only wearing bikini panties, and bras or underwear.

The lady now massing my dick, was skinny and had red hairs. Watching those European women on my dick was a nice change. I had so much Thai food the last days that I was attracted even more, by these Russian chicks. They knew how to move their bodies and how to pleasure a man by dancing on him. The next lady sitting on me was blond again. She was quite big in size compared to her coworkers before.

I was not used to seeing those big women anymore. In Thailand, all my ladies have been super skinny compared to this European chick. However, seeing her big boobs in front of my eyes and feeling her vibes on my dick was great. My penis started to twitch in my trousers. I tipped the girl and ordered my second beer.

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