“Please find her picture and video here”

I paid and went back to the beach road. I was hunting again, and approached one hooker after the other, for my needs. Again, the filming of the sex was the main issue. Suddenly, I saw a real beauty standing under one of the palms at the beach road. The road itself, was not so busy anymore and I walked to that beautiful lady, and prayed she would accept all my demands.

She was very skinny, relatively tall, and had lovely long hairs. She was more of the classical type of woman. I thought that she was not standing here often, to sell her beautiful body. She may be in desperate need for cash or was just travelling to Pattaya to earn some quick cash. I talked to her and she was a bit arrogant, and almost ignoring me. Only when I was talking about money her eyes opened.

Her price was a bit higher, but still easily affordable. I looked at her and said that was a lot, but it would be fine if I could make pictures. Sum, how she called herself, rolled with her eyes, but she didn’t say no. She was thinking and looked back to me. She asked what the photos were used for and I replied that they would only be for my private use. She thought and then, accepted. I happily took her hand and we walked to the same hourly hotel I have been before.

Once she took off her evening dress, I was even more astonished about her body. She was tall, skinny, and looked extremely sexy in her panties. I only started making photos after the shower, which I regretted somehow. She looked so great in her underwear. But also, without any cloth, her body was super cool.

I photographed her back. Her beautiful long hair even reached to her ass, and covered a tattoo on her back. I also shot her pussy, which looked great, as she was shaven, and her totally fat free belly was a pleasure to watch. However, a huge scare of a cesarean went over her entire belly to her pussy. So, she had minimum, one child. Cute mama was selling her body to me. She was so hot and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She sat in front of me on the bed and opened a condom, which she placed on my penis.

Since she was naked, she dropped her arrogance, and took care of what I paid her for. She sucked me in the same way Anada sucked me before. I filmed everything and enjoyed it. Her skinny body looked so slim compared to my massive body. She quickly sucked me, until my dick was hard, then stood up, turned around, and bended over the bed, so I could fuck her from behind. I pushed my meat into her pussy, and enjoyed fucking her. I made sure that the camera showed us in several angles, and was delighted seeing me in the mirror, fucking that hot MILF.

I lasted longer with Som than with Anada, but still, I was only fucking her for a few minutes before I came. My second orgasm was a bit painful, as my penis muscles started to get a muscle ache. However, this pain intensified my orgasm and the feeling that came with it.

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