How often was she fucked tonight

“Please find her picture and video here”

She sucked me while she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and I stood in front of her. I fucked her doggy style and filmed it. I also watched us in the mirror, and enjoyed how cool it looked. She was quite short and looked even shorter and smaller, compared to my massive body.

It looked cool how she kneed on the bed, and got fucked by a fat guy behind her. She looked so experienced in what she was doing, and I wondered how often she was fucked that way tonight. How often the entire week? How long was she standing, already at the beach road, and was bought by sex tourists? I never saw her before, but filming her with my dick in her pussy was great. I just wanted to use her to satisfy my needs for street meat. I kept pushing my meat inside hers, until I came.

School Girls

Even I just had sex and my dick was soft; I felt to have more of the same. So, I went back to the Walking Street and checked out another go-go bar. I found one with the theme of school girl, and went inside. All the girls were wearing school uniforms. A blue skirt with white stripes that was so short that you easily could spot the white underwear under the skirt, a white top, and long white socks. I sat down directly in front of one of those dancing stages, and ordered a beer.

I desperately needed something to drink. The sex with Anada exhausted me, and I was eager to feel a cold beer running down my throat. The women dancing in front of me looked again, great. Sure, they had different forms and shapes; some more, some less attractive to me, but they all had their amenities. I couldn’t take my eyes off their legs and asses. Even I couldn’t feel my dick, they attracted me. Soon, I was joined by a good looking sexy girl that took care of my sapling.

Touching her body was still attracting me, and letting my hand glide under her skirt was a real pleasure. She didn’t even react when I touched her vagina. She still had her underwear on, but that was not the reason for not reacting. She was too used to it, to react. She was touched by hundreds of other tourists at her pussy before and so, she just lets it happen. That was her job, get the drink for the customer, and get touched by them.

If she was lucky, she was bar fined by her client who then, brought her to his room, and fucked her. She was experienced in what she was doing. Her moves brought back life into my penis. Her moves let my blood flow and made me feel excitement. Watching the other women do the rest, and by every sip I took from the beer, I got stronger and stronger again. It took me two beers till my desire for sex was strong enough to need a fuck.


To be continued in Fat Man in Asia – Pattaya Feast

The above story was taken out of the following book. Press on the link find out more!


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