The road was filled with hookers and men who wanted to fuck

“Please find her picture and video here”

I felt to fuck, but didn’t feel like paying out this beautiful hooker, who was massaging my dick. She was great to raise my appetite, but I wanted to go hunting again. I was desperate for the hunt. The last couple of days, I was having high class bitches. Not that I would like to complain, but I simply felt to have some street meat. It was time for the Beach Promenade.

There, every night, more than hundred ladies were standing and waited for clients. Once I arrived at the side, I checked out those ladies who were standing there, with hand bags. Some of them were already discussing with their clients for prices. It was still early and so, the road was mixed with hookers, men who wanted to fuck those hookers, and normal people who just were passing the road and also watched the spectacle. It was quiet and peaceful, yet everyone knew what was going on when a man approached a woman and started a conversation.


I also approached several ladies, and asked them what they were willing to do. They all, were available for sex, but most of them didn’t want to be filmed. I wanted both and besides, I liked to watch my movies. It also made the hunt more exciting. Otherwise, it would be simply too easy. So, even I got rejected by those ladies many times; it made everything more exciting to me.

At the end, I was successful. I found a good looking lady in her early twenties. Anada was wearing a short black skirt with a yellow top. She was good looking, but not that model style of good looking. She was a sweet and very friendly type of person. Somehow, she reminded me on the sister of a good friend. A family kind of person that was always willing to help you. Help, I needed, and so we went to a close by hourly hotel.

I could have brought her to my hotel, but I didn’t trust those girls very much and so, an hourly hotel was perfect. Once there, I immediately started to make pictures of her. First, in her dress and then, in her panties, which were striped in pink and grey. We showered and afterwards, I continued to make nude photos.

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