Why you should still know more about masturbation?

“I love to masturbate on Kai Nee. Click here to check out how she is doing porn”

This is leading us to the next point, why it is an advantage to know more about it. In a nutshell it is because other people might have found out greater pleasures of satisfying themselves and this is what you should know about. Self satisfaction is much more than just a 5 minutes jerk off in the shower, where nobody can see us. It is an art that guarantees great pleasures to us.

This is true by talking about marathon masturbation which is the art of hours of pleasures in the comfortable atmosphere of your home. Everyone who loves sex, potentially loves to celebrate masturbation in an long and satisfying way. It enables you to dive deeply into your phantasies, live through them again and again and as long you desire. It enables you to develop a clear picture who you are and what your sexual desires are. If you go further and experience your phantasy with a partner or a prostitute is your business.

However as similar to every architect who first draws a house on his computer before he built it, you can draw your sexual phantasies in your mind and identify what you really like and how your can achieve a sexual satisfied life.

Furthermore it can be the hard reality that you can never built that house. Excuse me, what I mean is that like an architect may find out that his drawings can’t be realised , maybe because his construction is too expensive or because it it technically not possible to built it, in a similar way you might find out that you can never experience you sexual fantasy in real life. But in contrast to that architect you still can have fun with it in the comfort of your home.

Masturbation principally involves to aspects. First the stimulation of your genital and second the development of sexual phantasies. The combination of both is developing a load of sexual energy that floats though your body and gives you that nice and comfortable feeling. Hereby not every phantasy is working, but only one that excites you and you alone. You easily can test this by serving through the internet and watching porn images or movies. Does every kind of porn excites you? Most likely not and some kind of porn may even turn you off. It are those special kind of women that attracts you. Maybe they are white, brown, black or asian? Maybe they have a certain hair colour or they do that stuff that you really like.

There are thousands of specifications and this makes the experiences of each of us so individual. In your mind you are totally free and you can think about absolutely everything you can imagine. Hereby it is safe to say that our mind is the only place where we are really 100% free and that our sexual phantasies are the result of absolute freedom. Where else do you have this? So it is absolutely no surprise that everyone is masturbating to experience the absolute freedom of our mind. Hereby you can be absolutely everybody you wish to be and experience everything you like to be. So we are talking about an universe of possibilities that is truly unlimited. This universe is there and is waiting for you to be explored whenever you are alone and spend some pleasure time at home with yourself. How would you like to use it?

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