The Sex Swing

“Please find her picture and video here”

I let her sit on my sapling, so she would stimulate my penis, who was waiting inside my trousers. I could slide my right hand under her skirt, and played with her pussy. In my left hand, I was holding my beer, and my eyes were watching the go-go dancers in front of me. I realized that at the very left side of the stage, was a lesbian show going on.

One girl was equipped with a dildo, and tried to enter that thing into another girl’s pussy. At the very end of the bar was a Jacuzzi, where two girls were taking a bath. They were surrounded by men who watched them and drunk beer. My penis got hard, and the more beer I consumed, the better I felt. The girl on my sapling took care my dick pretty well. She tried to convince me to bring her to my hotel. She also told me that they have a room close by, where a swing was hanging. First, I didn’t understand, but then, she explained that it was a sex swing, where the girl was hanging in the air, while she could be fucked by the man. I never tried that and was interested. After waiting long enough, she also accepted my price, which was much lower than her first offer, and she accepted my request to film our action.


Once we were at the hourly hotel, she climbed on the swing, and I made pictures of her. She was young – in her early twenties, and good looking. She was wearing a very short trouser and a tiny top. I could take photos with her face, while she was still wearing cloth and without her face, once she was naked. Rama, how she called herself, didn’t want her family to see her fucking. I didn’t plan to publish my movies anyway, so we had a win-win situation. She was a cool girl. I filmed how I pushed down her trouser, while she was swinging and then, played with her pussy. I knew her best piece already from the bar, yet it was fun to film it. I massaged her pussy and let my thumb glide inside her.


To be continued in Fat Man in Asia – Pattaya Feast

The above story was taken out of the following book. Press on the link find out more!


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