How to spend 2000US$ in Pattaya

“Please find her picture and video here”

In this crazy town, I wanted to spend 2000 US$ to celebrate life. I initially planned to spend it in one night, but I totally failed. After hiring Katy, a beautiful Thai woman who was married, I was fully satisfied for the night. She pleased me well and did everything I wished for, but she only costs a small fraction of the 2000 US$ I wanted to spend. I also met her again, and paid her for more sex. But I still spent only very little money.

I realized that it would take days, or even weeks, to spend that kind of money in Pattaya. There were thousands of ladies, like Katy, available for me, and I could fuck them all. Maybe not every woman was a prostitute in Pattaya, but most of them were, and I assumed that the few who are not hookers could be turned in one if the price was right.

So, I was living in a city where I could fuck every woman I saw and liked. I had enough money from my past business to pay them for years at those low prices. Realizing my situation relaxed and frustrated me at the same time. I wanted to celebrate life, and fucking all those women was one of the last things in life I had fun to do. After my marriage broke and I suffered through the divorce, sex was a cure for me. But on the other side, I was frustrated. I developed a heavy depression during the divorce, and I lost my former business. Sex was helping against that depression, but it only lasted a few minutes, and I could only have sex once or twice a day. After I had an orgasm and shot my sperms in or on Katy, I again, lost all my sexual energy, and my depressions started to grow again. It was time to try something new. I tried to extend my sexual active time to limit my depression. I watched porn movies and masturbated. I still was aware that I easily reached my sexual limits. My idea was to watch porn during the day, and then, only visit some go-go bars. I already experienced that in go-go bars, I could develop sexual energy by watching the dancers, and flirt with the girls. I could also touch them when I paid them a drink.

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