An army of 50.000 sex workers

“Please find her picture and video here”

The women selling their bodies are usually between 18 and 35. Many of them are married and have children. Their families normally doesn’t pressure them to work as prostitutes. They simply need the money, and prostitution is earning the big cash. Many families don’t even know how the money is earned, and many also don’t care.

It happens that women work as prostitutes in the second or even third generation. So, in this case, grandma, ma, and now the daughter, worked as sex workers at least, from time to time. Most of those families live in the poor Northeast provinces like Isaan, where jobs are seldom and good paying jobs are almost not existing. They have to send their workers to other places like Bangkok or Pattaya. Anyway, nobody will know or find out how the money was earned. If a couple has children, they are taken care by the grandparents and so, mum and dad can go to other places to earn cash.

Sex tourists love Thailand as the women are good looking, exotic and cheap. They are also easily available, and willing to fulfil almost every wish, if the price is right. About 5 Million tourists visit Pattaya every year. So, every given night, a horde of sex hungry men is meeting an army of cash loving women. They meet each other, all over the city, and fuck each other. Then, they separate to meet the next night again, normally in a new constellation, and fuck each other again. Pattaya started as small fishing village in the 60th, and developed to a city within a few decades. Sex tourists made this possible. It all started during the Vietnam War, where American GI’s went to Pattaya for vacation and sex. Since then, the development was unstoppable, and a never-ending stream of sex tourist floated the city. While people go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower once in their live time, sex tourists return to Pattaya, again and again. Some even stay there …


To be continued in Fat Man in Asia – Pattaya Feast

The above story was taken out of the following book. Press on the link find out more!


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