Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (3/3)

“Naam is fucked by Japanese tourist”

I immediately knew what was the issue. He wanted a different woman. This is very common and in Pattaya such men are called butterflies as they fly from flower to flower. I explained the situation to Vanta and she switched from bitching on him for her self to selling some of her girl friends to him. In deed Helmut was immediately interested.

While he was waiting for the next girl to come I suggested to him that if he wanted to fuck as much as possible he should go down to a close by pharmacy and by some monger fuel. He asked me some question and then did as I told him. From that moment on I rarely met Helmut as he seem to be busy with Vanta’s girlfriends all the time.

After three days he had fucked seven different women. As he shot his load in number 7 his sex drive had vanished. From that moment on he felt so relaxed and didn’t mattered about sex anymore. It had nothing to do with his physical appearance. He still used monger fuel and therefore his penis was still strong. But his mind lost interest in sex and therefore the motivation was gone.

I experienced this phenomena already a couple of times. very often the number seven or a number close to that number is the pint where men loose interest in sex and just relax. As of my experience you can still approach men and sell sex to them and some men are so target oriented that they insist to have more sex. However this often ends in stress and a strong overreaction of that men.

So I advice once you reached your point – the Pattaya Point – then just enjoy other attractions. Pattaya has much more to offer then sex, even those things are not primary important. But after you handled like Helmut seven women, you also deserved a break. If you need more you have to stay longer or come back.

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