My wives greatest passion

“Nuch is having a pool party. Click here to watch her porn movie”

My wife is from Thailand. She is coming from a family that originated in Pattatta. Not the Pattaya  you heard about, a city full of sex workers that are attracting hundred of thousands of sex tourists each year. But from the little fishing village that Pattaya was before the Vietnam war started. Vanta how my wife is called, grew up in Pattaya as the daughter of a failed marriage. Her mother was divorced and her father was living separated in Bangkok.

After the divorce her mother had to earn her own money and so she was working as prostitute ane later specialised on sex massages. The family’s history of prostitution however didn’t start with her and Vanta was also not mainly raised up by her mother, but by her grandmother. She was the one who started the prostitution profession in her family. As a young woman she was pleasuring American soldiers who made their vacation in Vietnam. She became quiet rich during those years and later married an american who opened a bar in Pattaya. With him she also had a child – May – Vanta’s mother.

In this way my wife was raised by prostitutes and the entire surrounding of her childhood was prostitution. Many family friends were prostitutes and until the family lost the bar due to financial problems she was often there. She naturally learned that the friends of her mother and grandmother were tourists and never thought bad about it. This was normal for her and she also played with the idea to take over the bar once and work there as well. Pleasing men was a normal job and she wanted to follow her mum and grandma and sell sex to men as well.

Once the family had to give up the bar , it was a great shock to my wife. She found a job as model as she was looking excellent and worked as freelancer sex worker to earn extra cash. This was also how I met her and for some reasons we came together and Vanta movies into my studio apartment. I knew she was working as freelancer from time to time and was fine with it.

As Vanta knew that I am a voyeur and that I like to watch she arranged meetings with her clients in my apartment. I found it fascinating to watch her having sex with other men and one day the idea was born to develop my apartment into a blow job bar.

In a blow job bar oral sex is done publicly in the bar. So the other guests of the bar can watch how a man gets sucked off by the waitress. I liked the idea as I liked voyeurism and Vanta loved the idea as she saw a chance to reopen a real bar one day. This enlighten her and she developed  a great passion in serving her guests.

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