Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (2/3)

“Check out how Nok serves a Japanese man”

Also he was irritated that everybody seems to know what was going on, but nobody thought it to by strange. This sexy bitch just followed him in expectation to get bought by him. And men did he want to buy that pussy. The weeks before his trip to Thailand he couldn’t think about anything else. Just about sexy bitches as the the one that was checking in with him. He actually didn’t thought that the chicks were so hot. Seeing them in real life and not in porn movies made them even look hotter.

The bellboy opened the door and entered the room. He followed him and she followed him. So all three persons ended up at the room. Just like that. the bitch even had the guts to sit down on the bed right away and the bellboy didn’t even mind. Helmut was gone. He already had a erection, tipped the bellboy and closed the door behind him. Now he could focus on that slut on his bed. He undressed her, kissed her everywhere and then they showered. She blew him and they fucked. He was too excited and couldn’t last long.

But this changed. The bitch called him the next morning and brought him to my bar. There Helmut saw pictures and movies of other women and his eyes were shining. He felt strange when he realised that Vanta, the woman he just fucked, was my wife and that  I din’t mind. But he learned fast and openly admitted that he just came to Pattaya to have as much sex as possible. Fanta was already bitching on him and hoped to sell him more sex, but he was hesitating.

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