William bends her over, so she can suck me

“Please find her picture and video here”

William takes a break and watches us. I fuck her full of joy, till I feel I need a break. I just let go of her and sit on the couch. William is taking over. He fucks her standing in front of me. It looks great! Katy is still in her sexy cloth and it looks so cool how William holds her and fucks her from behind.

He starts bending her over, so her head can reach me sitting on the couch. He is such a good friend. Katy understands and her face comes toward me till she reaches the area between my legs. It feels great once she sucks me and cleans my penis from her pussy juice. I guess tasting her own pussy should make her horny. There must be something inside her juice, because it gets me hard anytime I consume it.

In this way she can suck one more dick clean

We change position, so Katy is sitting on me and sucks William. In this way, she can suck one more dick clean and I can sit on the couch and watch them. After being in Pattaya for some time, I can now last longer. But this was simply too much. I have to push Katy’s butt away, before I am come. Even I hate to do it, because it is a really delicious butt.

His cum is shooting into her mouth, on my cum

William fucks her doggy style at the bed, but also he is coming close to come soon. He needs a break again. We are both done and let her finish us. We move into the same position where everything started. She is kneeing in front of us two, who are standing next to each other. Sucking is not so intensive than fucking, but yet I am already releasing my staff into her mouth. After all my juice is pumped out, I drop back on the couch. Katy just changes to William penis and sucks him. What a night. We have to definitely do this again. This was just the beginning. Katy’s mouth and face is full of my cream, but she sucks William’s penis without hesitation until his cum is shooting on mine and also into her mouth and on her face.

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