My body is used to getting sex every day

“Please find her picture and video here”

William came already at nine and we were drinking already until now. We are both already pretty drunken. Kathy knocks at our door a couple of minutes after 11pm. So she came almost in time, but we both don’t care about such a detail anymore. We are already pretty horny and are eager for her meat.

My body is simply getting used to getting milked every evening. I really need to have sex all the time. I am sure it is the same with William. This need for sex was coming after I focused all my life on sex. It helped to forget my past and start a new life, but now I have to think about sex most of the day. Even if I am not horny, I start to think who I am going to fuck today. Similar to when I think about where and what I eat for dinner.

Katy looks so sexy

Katy is dressed in stockings. How cool is that? The husband is bringing his wife in sexy stockings, a short black skirt and a sleeveless white top and black and white heels. I like it so much. His wife is getting dressed so sexy for a couple of hours with Fat Man.  He let her dress in a sexy outfit and once she looks cool, he brings her to me to fuck her. I really like Katy and William seems to do as well.

I want to look, taste and feel Katy

Anyway, both of us don’t waste time. The alcohol makes us follow our instincts immediately. We let Katy stand next to the bed, where I am sitting on. She is standing in front of me and turns her but toward me. Automatically, I start to push her skirt upwards and to see the skin of her ass cheeks. First, I just want to look at them, then to feel them and finally to taste them. My hands are with her sexy legs in stockings. William is standing in front of her and starts kissing her.

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