Our female guests – Da’s husband became cuckold

“Please find her picture and video here”

Vanta was still 18 and Da was already 26 so it was not automatically sure they would like each other. It took time till things developed and we had to meet for lunch another time. Both ladies had a telephone conversation and arranged the second lunch together. After the first lunch Vanta asked me a bit about Da and I dropped a few things and also mentioned that she worked as hooker before she married Michael.

Even things developed slowly I was glad about it as my experiences showed that slowly and steadily is the best way to get people together. I also kept in mind the many stories I heard from our guests how desperately they tried to bring their wife into a swinger club or tried something new in bed.

The biggest problems had the cuckold guys who didn’t knew about their fetish before they married. Cuckold means that they got excited when another guy fucked their wife. As usual also this fetish has a huge variety. Some men want to watch their wife getting fucked. She likes a special kind of man called bull who was a great lover and could fuck their wife to orgasms.

Other liked black guys fuck their wife and so on. This fetish had many facets however one thing is problematic. If the guy experiences this fetish before his marriage, then he might have a wife who doesn’t liked o get fucked at all by another man. Instead she might think that her husband is a sick pervert if he asked her to get fucked by a black guy. For men this is hard to imagine as we would normally accept if our wife would like to watch us fucking a hot chick. At least we would take thinks much more easy, however women are for more complicated.

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