Go-Go Bars and Beach Promenade

“Please find her picture and video here”

Every night, an army of more than 50.000 women offer their sexual services in Pattaya. They can be found in one of the estimated 800 beer bars, where they serve beer to the guests. They work in go-go bars, dancing half naked on the stage. In almost every bar, the women can be bought for a bar fine. Paying such a bar fine does release the lady from her duties of working at the bar, and she is then, ready to be brought to the hotel room, where she will serve her client for their sexual needs for another fee that is negotiated between the woman and the client.

Other women are waiting for their clients in massage pearls, where a sex massage can be bought directly or indirectly, by booking a normal massage and then, tipping the girl for extra services. The forth big area of sex workers in Pattaya are the freelancers. Those women can be found in discotheques, bars or just on the streets of Pattaya. Some sell their bodies every night, and some just work as prostitute when they need extra cash.

While prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it is normally accepted everywhere. Even though the women working in the sex industry are considered the lowest level of social class in the Thai society, the wealth they are bringing to their country and families is happily accepted. In modern times, the work of those sex workers is getting increasingly appreciated, as also in the conservative Thai society, morality is changing. As everywhere in this world, money is considered the most important thing, and sex tourism is bringing in billions. Most women that sell themselves are coming from poor families and so, many daughters of rice farmers end up in prostitution. Often, Thai women are forced into marriage, and if this marriage doesn’t work, they get abandoned. So, they have to work hard for their life, and those of their children.

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