My erected penis presses against her underwear

“Please find her picture and video here”

This is a great massage style. Maggy is sitting on me, shaking her hips. My penis is under her and is receiving those nice vibrations. He had a lot of work the last days and it seems that he gets a little bit tired. Of course, he woke up during Maggy’s nice massage. Maggy was only waring her underwear and her bra during the massage and so my erect penis pressed against her underwear. My eyes followed every move. Her body is great. Her face is O.K. But her butt is extremely fit. Maybe this comes from the massages she provides to the guests of this hotel.

My penis is happy to get shaken by Maggy’s hips

I called them again and asked for a massage lady. But this time, when Maggie arrived, I had the great idea to ask her to take off her cloth and massage me in underwear. I like to watch, that is really true. When she started, I was laying on my belly and couldn’t see too much. I stopped trying quickly. But since she was massaging my front side, I could follow her moves and I got hard again. Not rock hard. My penis had too much to do recently and I feel too tired from all the impression I got the last days. I personally don’t feel to have sex anymore. I had enough the last days. But my penis wakes up anyway – doesn’t matter what I want or not. Now, he is happy as he gets shaken by Maggie’s hips. Her body is beautiful and she is wearing a bright blue set of knicker and bra – very sexy.

She starts to massage my penis directly

There is no question anymore that she will suck or fuck me. After I tried the hotel massage before, I am sure they are all sucking and fucking for some extra cash. It is time to take off some of the cloth. I tell her to remove her bra and my pants. Her knickers are too nice to remove. I think she is more beautiful wearing them, instead of being naked. It is a great feeling when a woman removes her shorts. Maggie is immediately starting to massage my penis. I don’t need to say anything. It is clear that my hard penis needs some attention. Her breasts are nice too. Her face is O.K. as well, but I wouldn’t consider her a beauty.

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