I like the way she jerks me

“Please find her picture and video here”

But the way she jerks my penis is great. Slow and soft and she also takes care of the areas around my dick -my balls and the area where the genital hairs are. But I don’t want to come too early. I want to enjoy it as long as possible. Since she started to sit on my dick and gave him this beautiful vibes, I wanted sex too. Before it was more my penis who wanted more, but my mind was tired. But now also my mind wants sex.

I like to jerk off on live models

I want to jerk off for a while and use Maggy as my model. For days, I have been masturbating regularly, but usually on movies or pictures. But on a live model, it is nicer – more exciting. There are also new positions – like now. I am still lying on the bed and Maggi is standing on the bed above my face. So I can see her legs, which are starting left and right next to my ears and go up. They meet each other where her knicker is. The material of her knicker is thin. Thin enough that I can see through it. Above the knickers, her six pack belly starts. Really nice, she must be perfectly fit.  After that, come her tits and her face. Maggi tries to move her hips like at a go-go dance. My right hand is masturbating my penis and my left hand is moving up and down Maggy’s legs. That is a nice way to jerk off.

I push my finger inside her pussy while I masturbate

My hand can reach her pussy and I start to massage her. Then I push my finger under her underwear and try to find her pussy. Easily, my finger glides inside and I start to finger her. Does this also work from her back? I give it a try. I ask her to turn around and then focus on her. I massage her ass cheeks and then push my finger into her pussy. It is different from the back side. Actually, it seems to be easier as the hole is directly pointing to me.

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