Our female guests – Da

“Please find her picture and video here”

Michael’s wife Da was another highlight at our blow job bar. Da worked as bar girl before Michael married her. First she was happy to have found a white knight who rescued her from prostitution. However soon her married life got boring and she got unsatisfied. This happens to many couples where the wife was once a sex worker.

In Da’s case she let her frustration of having less money then before develop and accused Michael of being a looser. Also this happens often. On one side the former bar girls have a husband who provides for them, on the other side they miss the income a bar girl has.

As the saying goes “You can get the girl out of the bar, but you can’t get the bar out of the girl”. Michael was himself a guests of our blow job bar and he quickly understood that letting his wife work at our bar could solve his problems. His wife could work and earn money in a clean and safe environment without pressure and violence. She could earn as much she wanted and once she had enough she could simple stop. Indeed their relationship improved and their marriage continued.

In order to get things running and check if the idea would work Vanta, Michael, Da and I met for lunch. Both women had to get along with each other otherwise it would not work. I knew that Michael was O.K. with letting his wife work at our bar, however it was not clear if Da wanted to. Even she complained of having less money, this did not automatically mean she would like to work as prostitute again.

Also I worried that she might think Michael would like to get rip of her and doesn’t love her anymore. In this case she could get very emotional. So I thought it would be the best to simply have lunch together and see how Vanta and her would come along.

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