Steve is coming too quickly

“Please find her picture and video here”

Katy is getting wild, her moves get faster and faster and she is moaning. Once Steve is starting to moan, I know that he is coming. Somehow, I am happy and disappointed as well. I would have loved to see more, but on the other hand, I am happy that I can start fucking Katy. And there is more, this time Steve came too quickly. It wasn’t me. They may have sucked and fucked for four minutes, not more. The entire situation is loaded with energy and probably that’s why Steve couldn’t last longer.

Katy sucks greatly!

Anyway, I want to use this moment, so I stand up to let her suck me. She is horny, I can feel this. Her body is warm and she starts to sweat. Without saying anything, she takes my penis into her mouth and sucks him demandingly. It is a lot of meat for young Katy, and it seems she likes this meat. Her husband’s dick is still in her pussy and a load of cum as well. Good job, Katy. You do suck me well, but we both want more now.

No condom – she is married and should be clean

So even though sucking is great, we have to fuck now. I lay down on the bed and Katy tries to get my penis inside her pussy. Both of us don’t care about a condom and I think it is fine for me anyway. She is married and should be clean, besides the juice of her husband which is still in her pussy, but I don’t care. I am out of control. I even feel exited to cum inside her pussy too. Maybe she gets pregnant. It would be Steve’s issue then, not mine – cool.

I fuck Katy better than her husband

Finally, it happens and Katy rides me. She is excited and it is real. I am rock hard and I just let it happen. Surprisingly, I can last long. No idea how long, but long. Katy was excited and moaned loud and dirty. I am sure it could be heard in our neighbor’s room. She stimulated herself to an orgasm. Once she came, it was too much and I shot my load into her pussy. It is great to be a pervert. Fucking Steve’s wife like that makes me feel so masculine. It does make me feel like a better man. It is true; I could fuck her to an orgasm. I am so proud of myself.

Katy will do whatever I want

Before I kick them out of my room to take a nap, we take a shower. Katy even washes me during the shower while her husband stood next to us and had to wash himself. I realize that she will do everything for me. Not because she likes me, but to make some money. For her, I am like a holy cow that gives her something valuable. This feels very different, not like a normal prostitute, who does something dirty, but like a wife who is fulfilling her destiny. Steve is fine with that. I guess he is just interested in the money too. This makes it feel so clean. Steve even writes down his telephone number and offers that they might come to visit me any time I like. I feel even greater hearing this. Anytime I feel to fuck your wife, I will call you. Yes, sure I will do this.

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