Sexual Intelligence for Cuckolds

“Key fucks tourist. Click here!”

As descried in my previous article about sexual intelligence, the key is to understand how to use the abundance of sex the universe is providing to us. A cuckold man is with this regards already intelligent. He can only use his sexual phantasies to stimulate himself, but also the one of his wife.

Instead of preventing her to have sex with other men he is encouraging her to fuck both men. He understands that this will make his wife having more sex which will profit him in many ways. She will be more fulfilled, happier , will take care of her beauty to stay attractive and most important of all her can have more sex too.

As a cuckold man is attracted by his wife fucking other men he gets excited and stimulated by seeing his partner with or hearing from her about such events. When his wife has sex, he has sex too. So besides the normal sex he has with her, he has sex when she enjoys herself with other men.

Additionally the cuckold can enjoy himself by jerking off when his wife is fucking another man, join them and have threesome, jerking off when his wife gets gang banged by several men or he can also join the gang bang.

In case his wife likes to work as prostitute she can earn money which turn many women on. She is fulfilling other men wishes which is dirty and can be very exciting.

Many cuckolds also enjoy to film their wife with another man. “My wife is my favourite Porn Star” is common way of thinking and is a very exciting hobby.

Independently which way a cuckold and his wife will take, together they can develop many more forms of sex than a normally married man.


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