I love to watch and I love to masturbate

“Please find her picture and video here”

Steve is a friend of Fred, who arranged this bizarre meeting. First, I was pissed at Fred, as he called me and made some jokes that I like to watch and masturbate. Vanta must have told Fred a lot about the other night. I felt so bad about it, like a pervert who was finally discovered. Now, they know my weakness.

I love to watch and I love to masturbate. Why is it so embarrassing? Somehow, I didn’t even know my weakness. Of course, I knew that I like to masturbate, as I watched a lot of porn my whole life. But I thought I do it because I didn’t have a girlfriend or another pussy I could use. I thought I did it just to satisfy my needs in an uncomplicated way. But now, it is different. In Pattaya, I could have a new girl whenever I like to have one. Of course, I have to pay, but it doesn’t matter at these prizes. Now, I masturbate because I like it. It is great and I can last as long as I want. Young Katy will be my bitch for the next two hours.

I masturbate while watching her beautiful ass

She is naked and I ask her to turn around and bend over, so I can see her ass. Now, she has to stare at the wall behind the couch and I can masturbate on her little butt without being watched. Great! I can’t wait to fuck this ass. She is such a beautiful piece of meat. It is all inclusive and for a second, I think to put my dick already into her pussy. But no, I will wait. I don’t want to come too quickly. I want to enjoy every minute of my two hours. Her husband was O.K. with that, Fred told me. Both just recently married and don’t seem to have a problem to let another man join them. Or is it just the money? I don’t know and I don’t care. Maybe they all think I am a pervert? I don’t care. It feels so good and so right as well.

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