The Table 3

“Please find her picture and video here”

A tear ran down my face and I felt incredibly sad. I let it all go and started to cry. My sobbing got loud and I was sure it could be heard all over the place, but it was night in Pattaya and nobody gave a shit. It took me a long time till I stopped crying. It didn’t change anything, but I felt slightly better. The pain in my head decreased. I got on my feet and looked around me. Everything still looked as it was before I tried to jump. The advertisement was blinking and created the sound of crickets. Pattaya looked as it was a few moments ago.

My eyes were staring at the table. Something was weird and I couldn’t take my eyes from it. What was wrong with the table, I asked myself. I inspected it. It was a cheap plastic table that was common all over the world. I was surprised to see that all four legs were still connected to the table. Automatically I thought that than one of the legs must have been crippled to make the table tumble. But I couldn’t see anything. The table was in perfect shape and there was nothing that indicated any defect. I rose up the table and tested with my arms if he was strong enough to hold some weight. It was no problem. I tested the table by putting all my weight on it and finally I climbed on it again. But it was holding my weight.

I jumped up and down, knowing that the table had to break now anyway, because it was definitely not made for a fat man like me jumping on it. I jumped until I was out of breath.  “What made the table fall? What stopped me from jumping?” I knew the answer and I spoke it out, “The crickets”. Then I had to think as I felt that this was not completely true and so I added “and the Jungle”. That felt a lot better, but still it was not complete. Something was missing and it struck me like lightening: “Vanta”

I looked horrible and smelled bad, but I couldn’t care less. That was all meaningless. For the first time since a very long time, I felt alive. I felt that something inside me wanted to enjoy life. I went to the next ATM and took out as much money as possible. At about 2000 US$, my daily limit stopped me from getting more. I had to smile and thought that 2000US$ was more than enough for one night in Pattaya. Still it didn’t bother me. I was ripped off by my wife and my partner. I lost so much money by going through the divorce and my former partner stole even more. But still I had enough money to easily afford a cool life.

I thought about calling Fred and then realized that I tried it already. Vanta was not in Pattaya right now and so this option was gone. Yet, I wanted to enjoy a truly beautiful woman – something that was worth remembering. Actually Fred knew many more girls besides Vanta. There was e.g. Lita and Brownie which I happily remembered. I decided to give Fred a call.

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