The Table 2

“Please find her picture and video here”

I was lying on the ground of the jungle, and it felt warm and convenient. I made it to the other side. Seeing this beautiful jungle, made me feel relaxed. The air was fresh and I could hear animals all over the place. It was so peaceful. I couldn’t see anything and somehow, I couldn’t move my body. But I knew everything was all right and I didn’t have to worry. I made it.

Naked feeds appeared in front of my eyes. A person stood above me. I looked up and saw a naked woman. Her body was beautiful and I could see her vagina. This must be the paradise, I thought to myself. I really made it. The woman looked down and I immediately recognized her face. “Vanta, you are here?” I whispered to her. She just looked down to me and laughed childishly.

A pain went through my head and I instantly felt that something was wrong. Black appeared in front of my eyes. Something pulled me out of the paradise. Shortly before everything went black, I heard Vanta saying, “You are not done”. The black nothing surrounded me, but I could hear her voice one more time, “Good bye, Fat Man.”

The pain in my head was awful. I opened my eyes. Full of frustration, I realized that I was lying on the balcony. I didn’t make it. I was still here. I couldn’t move and didn’t feel like moving. I saw a table that was knocked over, a bottle of whisky that was broken and Whiskey that was pouring out of the bottle to cover the floor of the balcony. My mind made all the necessary analysis of the situation, even though I didn’t want to know it; it told me that the table most likely collapsed when I tried to jump. It couldn’t handle my weight. Probably, one of his legs was broken or crippled and so the table tumbled. I couldn’t kill myself because I was too fat.

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