Sex Business – What is Beauty

“Please find her picture and video here”

What is beauty. As you may know this question can’t be generally answered, as it is an individual decision. Even in the world of sex business it is not possible to answer, as also here it remains an individual decision. You can see that when you have a look on the variety of sex workers here in Pattaya. From young to old, from skinny to fat, from bright to dark, you can find all kind of women working in the sex business here.

They all have there share of the sex market and they all have their clients. Some clients regard fat as sexy and some not. Some like more younger ladies and some like more experienced women. There is no singular way to judge what is beautiful and what isn’t.

However from the business point of view, what is possible to judge is how do they most frequented women look like. So how do those women look like and who have the most clients. Hereby you can assume that those who get most clients can find clients most easiest. As in a city like Pattaya where men have so much choice, they will pick those ladies the like most.

So you can check which chicks are easily finding clients and have many of them to understand how the most beautiful woman for the majority of the men in Pattaya looks like. The answer is simple. She is young with a skinny body and a friendly face. Just as my wife is. I see her all the time and recognise how easy it is for her to seduce a man compared to an older or fat lady. Those might be beautiful for some clients too. But the majority of clients prefer ladies who look like my wife.

So in the world of business this means it will be easier for a younger and slim lady to get rich as sex worker compared to older and fat women. So the chances decrease when women get older or if there body get out of shape. Still they will find clients, but it is simply more difficult. Still they can have a lot of fun and I love the variety Pattaya offers. So please don’t understand me wrong, but the younger and slim lady is just getting more turn over.

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